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LTPY Rocks The Blocks!

Welcome to the Penguins web site! From 2004 until 2007, this was the home of the swimmers, parents, and coaches of the amazing LTPY Penguins swim team. During that time, the team tripled in size to become one of the strongest in the league!

Please come visit us at our new location, www.ltpypenguins.com!!
Swim Practice
Swim Practice
Posted by CoachChris on Sunday, October 07, 2007
Swimming Pool is closed on Sunday 10/7/07 and Practice is Cancelled!!!
General Info
General Info
Posted by CoachChris on Friday, October 05, 2007
LAST REMINDER!!!!! to turn in your fin orders by this Sunday the 7th. All orders should be turned into Taylor Limbert's mailbox. Again if you received a form and do not need the fins please indicate that on the form so I don't miss anyone. The fins will be ordered on Monday and hopefully will arrive in about a week. I will notify everyone through the website when they arrive. Please don't forget to enclose your payment of $14.00 with your order.



General Info
General Info
Posted by CoachChris on Thursday, October 04, 2007

The minimum order for personalized caps has been reached. Paul Limbert will continue to take orders through next Wednesday, October 10th. If you would like a personalized cap there are order forms in the mailbox folder labeled "Team Caps and Apparel." The cost is $12.00 per cap and the minimum order is two caps per name for a total of $24.00 per two caps. Please return the completed form with payment to Taylor Limbert's mailbox by Wednesday. THERE WILL NOT BE ANOTHER PERSONALIZED CAP ORDER THIS SEASON. If you have any questions, please contact Paul Limbert.

General Info
General Info
Posted by CoachChris on Wednesday, October 03, 2007
It's time to check out the NEW website! Meet entries for Saturday's home meet are posted there! Please review the entries and report any discrepancies/missing swimmers by October 3rd at 10:00 pm!

PLEASE BOOKMARK THE ADDRESS OF THE NEW WEBSITE: www.offtheblocks.org/ltpypenguins
The site is best viewed using Mozilla Firefox (which can be downloaded for free), but you can also view through Internet Explorer.

You will be able to access all the information you need on the site - the Practice Schedule (left side of webpage), meet information (YMCA Meets on left side), and all other Penguin news similar to this site on the Home Page.

Some information will be posted on both sites for a few more days, and then you will need to go the NEW WEBSITE for everything! Meet entries, practice meet results, and meet packets for future meets are available on the NEW WEBSITE now!

COMING SOON: You will be able to signup for dual meets ONLINE as soon as you receive notification of your username and password; however, our next dual meet isn't until October 20th so that feature is not needed yet. The site will continue to be updated in the coming weeks.
General Info
General Info
Posted by pdlimbert on Wednesday, October 03, 2007
Kast-a-way will be at the Y Thursday evening between the hours of 6:00-8:00 to distribute swimsuits and apparel that was purchased in the first two fittings. If you are in need of a team suit yet, they will be able to size your swimmer that night as well. They will not be bringing all of the apparel to try on, but you may still place orders that evening. Please make an effort to come pickup your items that you ordered even if your swimmer is not at practice Thursday night.

They will also be at the home meet this Saturday with all of the apparel and the swimsuits if you are not able to pickup Thursday evening, but again, please try to get it out of the way Thursday night.

Thanks, Paul
Posted by CoachChris on Monday, October 01, 2007
Dear Penguin Parents:
Here are the donations we need for the concession stand for the upcoming home
swim meet this Saturday, October 6th. The letter stands for the 1st letter in the swimmer's last name. As always if you can bring the drinks cold, it would be greatly appreciated.

8 and under Girls
A-F: 12 pack of Sprite, Fruit Punch, or Lemonade
G-P: 12 pack of Diet Coke or Pepsi (Not Caffeine Free)
R-Z: 12 pack of Coke or Pepsi

9-10 Girls:
A-L: 1 pack of all Beef Hot dogs 8 count
M-Z: 1 pack of Hot dog Buns 8 count

11-12 Girls
A-F 6 baggies of grapes
G-N 6 baggies of apples sliced
P-W 6 baggies of carrots (8-9 per bag)

13-14 Girls
A-Z 6 baggies of brownies or cookies (2 per bag)

8 and under Boys
A-Z 6 Baggies of brownies or cookies (2 per bag)

9-10 Boys
A-Z 6 baggies of celery (8-9 per bag)

11-12 Boys
A-Z 6 bananas

13-14 Boys
A-Z 8 pack of small Gatorades

15 and over Boys
A-Z 8 pack of 20oz Gatorades. No Blue

We are in need of volunteers to work the day of the meet. We will have two shifts, set up from 12:30pm to 3pm and 3pm to clean up. Please email Diana Giass at dgaiss@sbcglobal.net or call 614-635-0386.

Thanks again for supporting our PENGUIN team.
All the proceeds for the sales help buy ribbons, trophies and swim team equipment for our children.

Diana Giass and Jennifer van der Lans
Swim Meets
Swim Meets
Great job swimmers at the Practice Meet today! The veteran swimmers swam 40 PBs and new swimmers in the practice meet will have the opportunity to PB in their next week!

Practice meet results will be posted on the bulletin board on Monday night after Coach Chris arrives.

Several swimmers were DQ'd (disqualified)and a time is not listed on the results. Many of the DQs were on backstroke. On backstroke, swimmers must remain on their back until they touch the wall. Many rolled over before touching the wall.

On butterfly and breastroke, there were some one hand touches. Swimmers must touch with both hands at the same time. There were also some flutter kicks on butterfly and on the breastroke starts.

NOTE: Several swimmers touched the bottom of the pool at some point in their race. DQs were not indicated on the results, but this is illegal, and in the future, the swimmer will likely be DQ'd. Swimmers will be reminded of this rule.

General Info
General Info
Posted by pdlimbert on Sunday, September 30, 2007
If your swimmer is required to have fins for practice, you will receive an order form in your mailbox. (Fins is noted next to swimmer's name on the Practice Group list posted on the home page -- do not click the Practice Groups on the left as that is old information). Even if you do not need them, there is a place on the form to check for that. Please return all order forms to Taylor Limbert's mailbox by Sunday October 7th. The cost of the fins will be $14.00, please enclose your payment with your order. As always if you want to write a check please make it out to LTPY Swim Team. I will order all fin orders on that following Monday. If you do not have your order form in by then you will be responsible for ordering your own. If there are any questions please e-mail me at pndlimbert@aol.com.


Paul D Limbert
LTPY Equipment Committee
Swim Practice
Swim Practice
Posted by CoachChris on Thursday, September 27, 2007
Any Emperor or King swimmer (targeted to middle school and high school swimmers) that can get to practice on time may attend the 3:34-5:30 pm practice on Monday -OR- Wednesday. If you cannot be on time, DO NOT ATTEND the after-school practices. Emps and Kings can choose either Monday or Wednesday, NOT BOTH, to avoid overcrowding.

Emps and Kings attending one after-school practice during the week can replace one of their late night practices.
Note: Scroll down the Home Page for more Penguin info!
Swim Practice
Swim Practice
Click "READ FULL ARTICLE" for the practice groups.

*** Many swimmers have not started practicing yet. Any swimmer in an inappropriate practice group will be changed once we start October practices. ***

The practice groups and October practice schedule are now posted! The entire team will begin practicing on October 1st and changes will be made to the schedule as needed if overcrowding occurs. Please continue to check the website daily for updates. The first week of October is updated on the website Calendar and a hard copy schedule for the entire month of October will be put in your mailbox. Please note that practice on FRIDAYS varies week-to-week.

We plan to offer after-school practices for Emperors and Kings that can arrive on time - these practices are targeted to middle school and high school swimmers in these groups. More details will be coming this weekend.

FINS - If you need fins this season, FINS is is noted next to your name. Some swimmers have FINS OPTIONAL and purchasing fins is optional. There will be a FIN FITTING to order fins this Sunday from 6:00-8:00 at the YMCA.

How many practices a week should your swimmer attend?
BLUES - 2 practices a week
ROYALS - 2 practices a week
ROCKHOPPERS - Encourage 3 practices a week
EMPERORS - 3 practices a week
KINGS - 4 practices a week

Swimmers should only attend practice when their group is scheduled.

**Fridays and Sundays will be less crowded than Monday through Thursday.

REMINDERS: The Late Policy is "6" minutes after the start of practice. Swimmers arriving more than 6 minutes late must be accompanied by a parent in order to swim. PARENTS - please do not sit on the bleachers at the end of Lanes 1 and 2 during practice.
Posted by CoachChris on Wednesday, September 26, 2007
We are in need of a parent (or two parents) to chair the bullpen committee for Home Meets and League Champs this season! This individual will coordinate volunteers to work bullpen in shifts during our home meets and then on Sunday at Champs. The bullpen corrals and organizes swimmers from both teams and leads them to the blocks before their event. Many parents have already volunteered to help with bullpen this season and a list will be provided to the chairperson(s). Contact Coach Chris if interested.

Our First Home Meet is October 6th!!
Posted by CoachChris on Thursday, September 20, 2007
Dear Parents,

The Penguin swim team is in desperate need of more officials! Parents with no or little swim experience can become an official as all the training you need is provided and you shadow veteran officials before you're on your own. And we have many parents (who are ex-swimmers or are seasoned veteran parents) that already know most of the rules ... please, I encourage you to become an official! Please contact me if you are interested. There are two upcoming officials clinics listed below.

Thank you.
Coach Chris

YMCA Swim Officials
Sunday, September 30. 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM. Grove City YMCA.
This class will be for NEW Officials to be certified as Level 1 Officials. The new curriculum focuses the Level 1 Official to be a Stroke and Turn judge.

Saturday, October 20. 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM. Gahanna YMCA.
This class will be for NEW Officials to be certified as Level 1 Officials. The new curriculum focuses the Level 1 Official to be a Stroke and Turn judge.

Swim Practice
Swim Practice
UPDATED: Practice times on 9/19 and 9/20 have been updated. ALL PRACTICES ARE INDOORS GOING FORWARD!
UPDATED: Practice groups updated on Sunday, 9/16

Practice schedule and groups are updated. Click on CALENDAR for practice schedule. Click on "READ FULL ARTICLE" for the latest practice groups.

Scroll down the Home Page for MORE NEWS especially if you missed the parent meeting!!

All new team members may sign up -- and all 10 & under veteran swimmers may sign up! Deadline 9/23. Sign up form is in the handbook.

General Info
General Info
Posted by pdlimbert on Thursday, September 13, 2007
Thanks to everyone that turned in order forms already for the Team t-shirt, Personalized Car Magnets and Personalized Caps. If you were unable to attend Thursday's Parent Meeting, I will put extra forms in a folder at the Y labeled Equipment. The team t-shirt forms should be turned in by Sunday, September 30th. The Personalized Magnet orders should be turned in by Saturday, September 29th. Once I have an order of 50 caps I will post a message on when the order will be placed. The team shirt is only $10.00, the magnets are also $10.00 and the personalized team caps are $12.00 each with a minimum order of two caps per name. As always, if you have any questions, please e-mail me at pndlimbert@aol.com.
General Info
General Info
Posted by CoachChris on Thursday, September 13, 2007
The Parent Handbook, Health Form & Waiver and meet sign up forms are available in your mailbox. It is CRITICAL that you complete the Health Form & Waiver IMMEDIATELY and include your e-mail address (at the top of the form). Your primary e-mail address will be needed as we prepare for the team new website.

Our team apparel supplier Kast-A-Way will be at the YMCA on Thursday, September 20th from 6:00-8:00 pm. Suit and apparel orders will be taken. You are strongly encouraged to bring your swimmer for suit try-on as the fabric is new and Speedo has changed their sizing. The suits and apparel include our NEW penguin logo! NOTE: TEAM SUITS ARE REQUIRED THIS SEASON! See # 1.

1. TEAM SUIT - Swimmers are required to wear our "TEAM" suit -or- a solid black competition suit at meets this season. The "TEAM" suit can be the new Endurance team suit or the Fastskin (offered by Kast-A-Way) or the black Penguin suit from previous seasons.
2. TEAM CAPS - Team swim caps are required at meets. The team cap is the silver Penguin cap or black Zone cap.
3. SWIM CAPS - Swimmers with hair below their ears are required to wear a swim cap at practice.
4. FINS - Some swimmers are required to have fins. There will be FIN fitting on Sunday, September 30th from 6:00-7:00 pm. Swimmers will be notified if fins are required.
5. SERVICE AWARDS - To be eligible for a Service Award at the end of the season, swimmers must participate in four (4) meets. Two of those meets must be in 2008. (High School swimmers may only have the opportunity to participate in one (1) meet in 2008 so two meets is not required).
6. SWIMMER CELL PHONES are NOT permitted on the pool deck during practice or meets. They should be in swimmer's bag only. Cell phones are NOT permitted in locker rooms.
7. LATE policy this season is "6" minutes! Details in the handbook.
8. WATCHING PRACTICE - Parents can watch practice, but NEW RULE this season: Parents cannot sit at the end of any lanes that are conducting swim practice. There are bleachers and chairs available on the SIDES of the indoor and outdoor pools.
9. ENTRY FEES must be included with meet sign up forms for Invitationals and League Championships. You may also include a deposit for future fees.

General Info
General Info
Posted by CoachChris on Saturday, September 08, 2007
Everyone received "mail" in their swim team folder on 9/6! The mailboxes & folders will be available at the Parent Meeting if you can't pick up your mail before then.

Please don't forget to check your mailbox folder after each practice!
The mailboxes are on the pool deck under the bulletin board.

Coach Chris also has a folder ... sign up forms, etc. should be put in her mailbox. Also, coming soon ...the Health Form & Waiver to be completed for each swimmer. Once you complete that form, please put in the COMPLETED HEALTH FORM & WAIVER folder.

General Info
General Info
Posted by CoachChris on Friday, September 07, 2007
If you are a NEW to the Penguin team, you should be receiving e-mails from me, but continue to check this website daily. If you did not get an e-mail last night, then I do not have your e-mail address on file. Please e-mail me at crodawg99@aol.com and I will add you to the master list.

Veteran families are NOT receiving group e-mails. All information is posted on the website.

We expect to have a new website by October 1st with group e-mail capability. In the meantime, check this website daily.

Thanks, Coach Chris
Note: Scroll down the website for more messages!
Swim Meets
Swim Meets
Posted by CoachChris on Wednesday, September 05, 2007
The following is the YMCA Meet schedule for the upcoming season!

Swimmers are not required to participate in all dual meets or invitationals, however, there is a minimum number of meets required to be eligible for a service award and Champs.

9/30 - Practice Meet 4:00-6:00 pm (new swimmers and younger vets)
**There are two meets on October 6th. It is not a misprint.
10/6 - Home meet vs Lancaster - Warmups 1:00 pm
10/6 - "Almost" Midnight Madness Relay Meet at Hilliard YMCA - 7:00 pm start time ... Relays for swimmers, coaches & parents!! MEET INFORMATION WILL BE IN MAILBOXES SOON!! ****
10/20 - Away meet at SEEEYA (Jerry Garver YMCA) - Warmups 12:30 pm
10/21 - NASTY Invitational at Newark YMCA - Info coming soon
11/3 - SEEEYA Invitational
11/10-11/11 - Lancaster Invitational
12/1 - Home meet vs Grove City - Warmups 1:00 pm
12/15 - Away at CHY - Warmups 12:30 pm
12/29 - THE PLUNGE AT LTPY (Our 2nd Annual Invitational)
1/19 - Sprint Invitational
1/26 - Away dual meet at Mt. Vernon - Warmups 12:30 pm
2/2 - Home meet vs Ross County and Newark - Warmups 1:00 pm
2/16 - Home meet vs SEEEYA - Warmups 1:00 pm
2/24 - SUNDAY - Home Meet vs Hilliard - waiting for approval from LTPY
3/2 - Big Little Meet at Kenyon College? (date is not final)
Age 10 & Under swimmers compete on Sunday; Age 11 & Over swimmers compete on Saturday and some older swimmers will also compete on Friday night.
3/14-3/16 - ZONE Championships at Cleveland State University

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