Winter 2006
2006-09-30SEEEYA and Columbus North at LTPY
2006-10-07LTPY at LYST
2006-10-15NASTY 2006 Invitational
2006-10-21HURY at LTPY
2006-10-27DR Paul Jarnagin Memorial
2006-11-042006 SEEEYA Invitational
2006-11-112006 LYST Invitational Saturday
2006-11-122006 LYST Invitational Sunday
2006-11-192006 NOVEMBER B MEET
2006-11-2534th Annual GTAC Turkey Meet 2006
2006-12-03WTRC Winter Inv. 2006
2006-12-08MAKO Holiday Spirit Invitational 2006
Summer 2006
2006-06-08CMMY at LTPY
2006-06-15HURY and LYST at LTPY
2006-06-17Seeeya Kick-Off Invitational
2006-06-29LTPY at Nasty
2006-07-01Ninth Annual Cambridge Classic
2006-07-092006 Judith Girardi Mini Champs Meet
2006-07-15SEOWV YMCA Summer Champs
Winter 2005
2005-10-15LTPY @ Grove City
2005-10-22practice meet 2005
2005-10-29Pumpkin Invitational 2005
2005-11-05LTPY at Columbus North Waves
2005-11-05DR Jarnagin Memorial
2005-11-122005 LYST Invitational Saturday
2005-11-132005 LYST Invitational Sunday
2005-11-192005 SEEEYA Invitational
2005-11-20Sign up for the Silent Auction
2005-11-2533rd Annual GTAC Turkey Meet
2005-12-03WTRC Winter Inv. 2005
2005-12-09MAKO Holiday Spirit Invitational 2005
2005-12-29LTPY Distance Meet
2006-01-07CHY at LTPY
2006-01-14HURY VS LTPY
2006-01-2112th Annual Sprints -- 2006
2006-01-28LYST at LTPY
2006-01-27DR Winter - Swim Own Age
2006-02-04LTPY AT PICY
2006-02-12Lakewood Swim Your Own Age Invitational (USA)
2006-02-18SEEEYA at LTPY
2006-03-0538th Big Little
2006-02-24Central Ohio Regional Championships
2006-02-26Mansfield YMCA Waves Mardi Gras Invitational
2006-02-26Family Fun Meet and Pizza Party
2006-03-01LYST Senior Meet
2006-03-10SEOWV League Championships 2006
2006-03-03Ohio LSC Senior Championships
2006-03-04Barbara Kay Mini-Meet
2006-03-102006 Ohio SC Age-Group Championships
2006-03-172006 Great Lakes Zone Championships
2006-04-05YMCA National Championships
Summer 2005
2005-06-09LYST at LTPY
2005-06-11Kickoff Classic
2005-06-23CMMY @ LTPY
2005-06-25Eighth Annual Cambridge Classic
2005-06-30LTPY at Newark
2005-07-09SEOWV YMCA Summer Champs
Winter 2004
2004-10-16LYST vs. LTPY
2004-10-23Ross County at LTPY
2004-11-06CHY at LTPY
2004-11-136th Annual SEEEYA Invitational
2004-12-03COSA Katy Callard Memorial Invitational
2004-12-04GCY vs. Liberty
2004-12-102004 Mako Holiday Spirit Invit
2004-12-11LTPY @ SEEYA
2004-12-18Hilliard vs. LTPY
2005-01-2211th Annual Sprints -- 2005
2005-01-282005 Cobra Medal Trials
2005-01-29LTPY and CYRT at MYST
2005-02-04GCSTO Ned Reeb Memorial
2005-02-05CNYW @ LTPY
2005-02-12SEEYA at LTPY
2005-02-132005 KEY Valentine Blast
2005-02-25Central Ohio Regional Champion
2005-02-26PICY vs. LTPY
2005-02-2737th Big Little Champs Invitat
2005-02-272005 Last Ditch Invitational
2005-03-05SEO/WV Cluster Champs 2005
2005-03-06Champs at Ohio U. (10 and under)
2005-03-112005 Ohio SC Age-Group Championship
2005-03-182005 Great Lakes Zone Championships
Summer 2004
2004-06-03SEEEYA at LTPY
2004-06-05SEEEYA Kickoff Classic Invitational
2004-06-10LTPY at Pickaway
2004-06-19Cambridge Invitational
2004-06-24Cambridge at LTPY
2004-07-08Newark at LTPY
2004-07-10SEO/WV YMCA Summer Champs
Winter 2003
2003-10-18Powell at Columbus North
2003-10-25Pumpkin Classic 2003
2003-11-01SEEEYA at LTPY
2003-11-085th Annual SEEEYA Invitational
2003-11-15LYST Invitational 2003
2003-12-06Powell at Pickaway
2003-12-13Penguins at Mt. Vernon
2004-01-10Penguins at Suburban West
2004-01-1710th Annual Sprints - 2004
2004-01-24Grove City at Powell
2004-01-31Ross County at Powell
2004-02-14North and Lancaster at Powell
2004-02-21SEEEYA at LTPY
2004-02-282004 Last Ditch Meet
2004-02-2936th Big Little Champs Invitational
2004-03-06SEOWV Cluster Championships 2004
2004-03-192004 Great Lakes Zone Championship
Summer 2003
2003-06-07SEEYA Summer Invitational
2003-06-12SEEYA at Powell
2003-06-19Cambridge at Powell
2003-06-26Penguins at SEEEYA
2003-06-28CYRT Invitational
2003-07-10Powell at Suburban West
2003-07-12Summer 2003 Cluster Championships
Winter 2002
2002-10-18Powell at Columbus North
2002-10-26Pumpkin Classic Invitational
2002-11-09Mt.Vernon at Powell
2002-12-07Powell at Suburban East
2002-12-14Suburban West at Powell
2003-01-04SEEYA Invitational
2003-01-11Ross County at Powell
2003-01-18Sprints 2003
2003-02-08North Y at Powell
2003-02-22Powell at Lancaster
2003-03-0235th Annual Big Little Invitational
2003-03-08Southeast Cluster Championships
2003-03-212003 Great Lakes Zone Championships