2003-06-07   SEEYA Summer Invitational

The Penguins came in 3rd, a very good start for the summer season! Be sure to check out the trophy at the YMCA!

Individual Events

The Penguins swam in a total of 100 individual events, with 41 Penguin Best times.

Event 7: Girls 9-10, IM, 100 yards
1:15.06PB1st(16)Taylor P Temple35.2439.82
Event 8: Boys 9-10, IM, 100 yards
DQ   John L Smilges
Event 10: Boys 6 and under, Freestyle, 25 yards
27.40 1st(16)Jack Cook
1:04.65 4th(11)Chase A Temple
Event 11: Girls 8 and under, Freestyle, 25 yards
21.98 8th(5)Grace A. Bently
23.10 12th(1)Katie Comyns
25.82 14th Abby Cook
31.77PB17th Paige Woda
36.80 18th Hannah Brown
DQ   Jesse M Reed
NS   Chandler Yankle
Event 12: Boys 8 and under, Freestyle, 25 yards
18.81PB3rd(12)Mitchell Newman
21.91PB6th(9)Conner Sell
23.37PB8th(5)Matthew J. Lennon
NS   Daniel Neil
Event 13: Girls 9-10, Freestyle, 50 yards
30.75 1st(16)Taylor P Temple
38.17PB7th(7)Alexa C Kaufman
40.99PB9th(4)Samie A Neil
41.31 10th(3)Samantha Secrist
42.02PB12th(1)Brittney Acimovic
48.28PB18th Chelsea Birch
49.70PB19th Marissa Angellatta
1:05.42 22nd Selena Brown
Event 14: Boys 9-10, Freestyle, 50 yards
37.12PB1st(16)Ben Flores
40.28 5th(10)Matthew McMahon
41.26 6th(9)Chris Choban
43.90PB8th(5)John L Smilges
Event 17: Girls 8 and under, Butterfly, 25 yards
34.80PB8th(5)Jesse M Reed
NS   Chandler Yankle
Event 18: Boys 8 and under, Butterfly, 25 yards
DQ   Mitchell Newman
Event 19: Girls 9-10, Butterfly, 50 yards
34.53 2nd(13)Taylor P Temple
44.21 6th(9)Alexa C Kaufman
Event 20: Boys 9-10, Butterfly, 50 yards
DQ   John L Smilges
Event 21: Girls 8 and under, Freestyle, 50 yards
52.49 9th(4)Katie Comyns
54.40 11th(2)Grace A. Bently
56.47PB12th(1)Abby Cook
58.93 16th Jesse M Reed
Event 22: Boys 8 and under, Freestyle, 50 yards
44.91PB4th(11)Mitchell Newman
48.16PB5th(10)Conner Sell
50.40PB7th(7)Matthew J. Lennon
1:08.69 9th(4)Jack Cook
2:26.41 11th(2)Chase A Temple
Event 23: Girls 9-10, Freestyle, 100 yards
1:29.55 5th(10)Alexa C Kaufman41.1248.43
1:31.48PB7th(7)Samantha Secrist44.1647.32
Event 24: Boys 9-10, Freestyle, 100 yards
1:26.15 1st(16)Ben Flores41.3944.76
1:34.69 3rd(12)Chris Choban44.5850.11
1:39.12 4th(11)Matthew McMahon44.2654.86
Event 26: Boys 6 and under, Backstroke, 25 yards
27.53PB1st(16)Jack Cook
1:00.78 3rd(12)Chase A Temple
Event 27: Girls 8 and under, Backstroke, 25 yards
25.52PB6th(9)Grace A. Bently
25.76PB7th(7)Katie Comyns
29.90 10th(3)Abby Cook
31.47 12th(1)Paige Woda
33.32 13th Hannah Brown
34.08 15th Jesse M Reed
NS   Chandler Yankle
Event 28: Boys 8 and under, Backstroke, 25 yards
22.59PB4th(10)Conner Sell
27.72 8th(5)Matthew J. Lennon
Event 29: Girls 9-10, Backstroke, 50 yards
37.76 2nd(13)Taylor P Temple
45.42PB7th(7)Samantha Secrist
49.23PB11th(2)Alexa C Kaufman
52.16 12th(1)Brittney Acimovic
52.17PB13th Samie A Neil
55.65PB15th Marissa Angellatta
1:02.25PB18th Chelsea Birch
1:10.55 22nd Selena Brown
Event 30: Boys 9-10, Backstroke, 50 yards
53.03 5th(10)Chris Choban
53.46 6th(9)Matthew McMahon
Event 33: Girls 8 and under, Breaststroke, 25 yards
32.24 7th(7)Katie Comyns
32.79PB8th(5)Jesse M Reed
34.20 9th(4)Grace A. Bently
NS   Chandler Yankle
Event 34: Boys 8 and under, Breaststroke, 25 yards
DQ   Daniel Neil
Event 35: Girls 9-10, Breaststroke, 50 yards
39.00 1st(16)Taylor P Temple
49.54 5th(10)Samie A Neil
59.16 11th(2)Alexa C Kaufman
59.67PB12th(1)Chelsea Birch
Event 36: Boys 9-10, Breaststroke, 50 yards
51.42 3rd(12)John L Smilges
DQ   Ben Flores
Event 47: Girls 11-12, IM, 100 yards
1:22.58PB6th(9)Hannah Flores37.9944.59
1:26.14PB10th(3)Rachel Amos42.2943.85
1:47.85PB14th Jamie L Reed50.8257.03
Event 53: Girls 11-12, Freestyle, 50 yards
32.42PB9th(4)Bridget McMahon
33.33PB14th Abby Orsborn
33.43 15th Hannah Flores
34.11 17th Rachel Amos
35.01 18th Alyssa J Heydorn
Event 54: Boys 11-12, Freestyle, 50 yards
39.85 4th(11)Craig McKenna
Event 59: Girls 11-12, Butterfly, 50 yards
39.64 9th(4)Hannah Flores
40.73 10th(3)Rachel Amos
41.19 12th(1)Abby Orsborn
42.51 15th Bridget McMahon
54.81PB19th Jamie L Reed
Event 65: Girls 11-12, Freestyle, 100 yards
1:14.14 5th(10)Hannah Flores35.4638.68
1:25.20 10th(3)Alyssa J Heydorn40.8244.38
1:28.56PB12th(1)Jamie L Reed44.6043.96
Event 66: Boys 11-12, Freestyle, 100 yards
1:33.71 4th(11)Craig McKenna43.4550.26
Event 71: Girls 11-12, Backstroke, 50 yards
39.28 6th(9)Hannah Flores
40.32PB7th(7)Bridget McMahon
40.71PB8th(5)Abby Orsborn
56.58 16th Jamie L Reed
Event 77: Girls 11-12, Breaststroke, 50 yards
42.10 3rd(12)Rachel Amos
44.13PB6th(9)Alyssa J Heydorn
1:03.08PB14th Jamie L Reed
Event 78: Boys 11-12, Breaststroke, 50 yards
52.65PB3rd(12)Craig McKenna

Relay Events

There are no relay results in the database for The Penguins.

Concerning Split Times

Please note that split times as reported by the timing system are not always accurate, particularly for relays. There are a number of reasons for this - failure to get a good solid touch of the touchpad, swimmers climbing out of the pool after their portion of a relay, swimmers standing on the touchpads, etc.

The timers and scorekeepers work very hard to ensure that the final time for the entire event is as accurate as possible. This isn't really doable for split times, though. They are presented "for what they're worth", please take them with a grain of salt when they look a little "fishy."

For the same reason, relay lead-off times may or may not be included in the individual results. The coaches will verify whether or not each time is valid. We began including relay lead-off times in early November, 2004.