Samantha Secrist (inactive)

Gender: Female.

Competition age: 13.

Practice group: Emperors 2. (See the Calendar section under Home for practice times.)

Best Times

Freestyle50 yardsBronze33.392004-11-13 6th Annual SEEEYA Invitational
Freestyle100 yards 1:19.202005-03-05 SEO/WV Cluster Champs 2005
Freestyle200 yards 3:01.282005-03-05 SEO/WV Cluster Champs 2005
Breaststroke50 yards 55.862004-10-10 2004 Practice Meet
Backstroke50 yards 40.212004-06-24 Cambridge at LTPY
Butterfly50 yards 49.662004-10-10 2004 Practice Meet
IM100 yards 1:35.972004-11-06 CHY at LTPY

Individual Events

Samantha Secrist swam in a total of 99 individual events. She has gotten 39 Penguin Best times. Way to go!

Freestyle, 50 yards
45.28 4th(2)2002-10-18Powell at Columbus North
43.47PB5th(1)2002-11-09Mt.Vernon at Powell
45.66 4th(2)2002-12-14Suburban West at Powell
41.88PB6th 2003-01-11Ross County at Powell
40.67PB28th 2003-01-18Sprints 2003
NS  2003-02-08North Y at Powell
39.41PB42nd 2003-03-0235th Annual Big Little Invitational
DQ  2003-03-08Southeast Cluster Championships
41.31 10th(3)2003-06-07SEEYA Summer Invitational
40.91 3rd(3)2003-06-12SEEYA at Powell
42.64 4th 2003-06-19Cambridge at Powell
46.33 6th 2003-06-26Penguins at SEEEYA
40.98 11th 2003-10-12Practice Meet
39.73 1st(9)2003-10-18Powell at Columbus North
NS  2003-11-085th Annual SEEEYA Invitational
38.81PB20th 2003-11-15LYST Invitational 2003
42.78 5th(1)2003-12-06Powell at Pickaway
39.21 25th 2004-01-1710th Annual Sprints - 2004
38.44PBEx. 2004-01-24Grove City at Powell
38.19PB9th(4)2004-06-05SEEEYA Kickoff Classic Invitational
36.00PB1st(9)2004-06-24Cambridge at LTPY
35.00PB10th 2004-10-102004 Practice Meet
36.04 4th(2)2004-10-16LYST vs. LTPY
33.39PB Bronze13th 2004-11-136th Annual SEEEYA Invitational
35.31 3rd(3)2004-12-11LTPY @ SEEYA
35.29 7th 2004-12-18Hilliard vs. LTPY
35.35 10th 2005-02-05CNYW @ LTPY
35.27 7th 2005-02-12SEEYA at LTPY
33.81 57th 2005-03-05SEO/WV Cluster Champs 2005
Freestyle, 100 yards
1:39.22 4th(2)2002-11-09Mt.Vernon at Powell
1:46.02 5th 2002-12-14Suburban West at Powell49.6756.35
NS  2003-02-08North Y at Powell
1:36.17PB44th 2003-03-08Southeast Cluster Championships48.8047.37
1:31.48PB7th(7)2003-06-07SEEYA Summer Invitational44.1647.32
1:37.43 5th 2003-06-19Cambridge at Powell46.1551.28
1:38.15 12th(1)2003-06-28CYRT Invitational
1:34.85 7th 2003-10-12Practice Meet45.5349.32
1:34.51 2nd(4)2003-10-18Powell at Columbus North44.8149.70
NS  2003-11-085th Annual SEEEYA Invitational
1:30.30PB17th 2003-11-15LYST Invitational 200340.1050.20
1:39.43 4th(2)2004-01-10Penguins at Suburban West
1:27.07PB4th(2)2004-01-31Ross County at Powell39.7047.37
1:31.82 2nd(4)2004-02-14North and Lancaster at Powell42.5649.26
1:27.34 5th(10)2004-02-282004 Last Ditch Meet40.6846.66
1:22.50PB20th 2004-03-06SEOWV Cluster Championships 200438.8443.66
1:25.67 8th(5)2004-06-05SEEEYA Kickoff Classic Invitational39.8745.80
1:28.12 3rd(3)2004-06-10LTPY at Pickaway
1:26.08 2nd(4)2004-06-24Cambridge at LTPY43.0653.02
1:22.65 6th 2004-10-16LYST vs. LTPY38.9843.67
1:21.69PB3rd(3)2004-11-06CHY at LTPY38.7042.99
1:19.20PB10th(3)2004-11-136th Annual SEEEYA Invitational37.4841.72
1:21.76   2004-12-11LTPY @ SEEYA
1:21.24 8th 2004-12-18Hilliard vs. LTPY38.5542.69
1:20.01 8th 2005-02-05CNYW @ LTPY37.1842.83
1:21.43 10th 2005-02-12SEEYA at LTPY38.3843.05
1:19.20 50th 2005-03-05SEO/WV Cluster Champs 200535.6343.57
Freestyle, 200 yards
3:19.92 3rd(4)2004-01-24Grove City at Powell42.6652.9654.7449.56
3:17.25PB3rd(3)2004-01-31Ross County at Powell42.3952.8754.7447.25
3:22.75 4th 2004-02-14North and Lancaster at Powell44.4255.5054.8248.01
3:10.76PB7th 2004-02-21SEEEYA at LTPY41.2752.4350.7546.31
3:08.36PB4th(11)2004-02-282004 Last Ditch Meet42.3150.3348.8746.85
3:04.70PB20th 2004-03-06SEOWV Cluster Championships 200441.1650.0748.1945.28
3:14.48 2nd(4)2004-06-03SEEEYA at LTPY43.1351.5350.9448.88
3:01.28PB41st 2005-03-05SEO/WV Cluster Champs 200537.7146.2348.2949.05
Breaststroke, 50 yards
1:13.02 6th 2002-10-18Powell at Columbus North
1:11.02PB10th 2002-11-09Mt.Vernon at Powell
55.86PB15th 2004-10-102004 Practice Meet
Backstroke, 50 yards
56.64 3rd(3)2002-10-18Powell at Columbus North
52.79PB3rd(3)2002-12-14Suburban West at Powell
52.26PB3rd(3)2003-01-11Ross County at Powell
51.15PB30th 2003-01-18Sprints 2003
NS  2003-02-08North Y at Powell
48.52PB30th 2003-03-0235th Annual Big Little Invitational
46.03PB39th 2003-03-08Southeast Cluster Championships
45.42PB7th(7)2003-06-07SEEYA Summer Invitational
48.48 4th(2)2003-06-12SEEYA at Powell
50.16 2nd(4)2003-06-19Cambridge at Powell
48.10 4th(2)2003-06-26Penguins at SEEEYA
49.00 16th 2003-06-28CYRT Invitational
51.12 9th 2003-10-12Practice Meet
51.39 2nd(4)2003-10-18Powell at Columbus North
47.79 6th 2003-11-01SEEEYA at LTPY
NS  2003-11-085th Annual SEEEYA Invitational
50.36 25th 2003-11-15LYST Invitational 2003
52.45 2nd(4)2003-12-06Powell at Pickaway
49.03 4th(2)2004-01-10Penguins at Suburban West
47.72 20th 2004-01-1710th Annual Sprints - 2004
43.94PB2nd(5)2004-01-24Grove City at Powell
45.13 4th(2)2004-01-31Ross County at Powell
41.62PB2nd(4)2004-02-21SEEEYA at LTPY
44.81 3rd(12)2004-02-282004 Last Ditch Meet
43.08 20th 2004-03-06SEOWV Cluster Championships 2004
41.13PB1st(9)2004-06-03SEEEYA at LTPY
42.15 6th(9)2004-06-05SEEEYA Kickoff Classic Invitational
42.29 3rd(3)2004-06-10LTPY at Pickaway
40.21PB1st(9)2004-06-24Cambridge at LTPY
40.84 6th 2004-10-102004 Practice Meet
41.94 5th(1)2004-10-16LYST vs. LTPY
42.49 2nd(4)2004-11-06CHY at LTPY
41.23 10th(3)2004-11-136th Annual SEEEYA Invitational
42.69 2nd(4)2004-12-11LTPY @ SEEYA
41.47 4th 2004-12-18Hilliard vs. LTPY
40.99 Lead-Off 2005-02-05CNYW @ LTPY
42.18 7th 2005-02-05CNYW @ LTPY
42.06 8th 2005-02-12SEEYA at LTPY
Butterfly, 50 yards
59.52 4th(2)2003-10-12Practice Meet
53.23PB5th 2004-06-10LTPY at Pickaway
49.66PB11th 2004-10-102004 Practice Meet
IM, 100 yards
1:48.16 3rd(3)2003-06-12SEEYA at Powell48.2259.94
1:51.35 18th 2003-06-28CYRT Invitational
1:47.87PB3rd(3)2003-11-01SEEEYA at LTPY51.3456.53
1:41.05PB4th(2)2004-06-03SEEEYA at LTPY48.3852.67
1:35.97PB5th 2004-11-06CHY at LTPY46.5049.47

Relay Events

There are no relay results in the database for Samantha.

Concerning Split Times

Please note that split times as reported by the timing system are not always accurate, particularly for relays. There are a number of reasons for this - failure to get a good solid touch of the touchpad, swimmers climbing out of the pool after their portion of a relay, swimmers standing on the touchpads, etc.

The timers and scorekeepers work very hard to ensure that the final time for the entire event is as accurate as possible. This isn't really doable for split times, though. They are presented "for what they're worth", please take them with a grain of salt when they look a little "fishy."

For the same reason, relay lead-off times may or may not be included in the individual results. The coaches will verify whether or not each time is valid. We began including relay lead-off times in early November, 2004.